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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Fr. Dennis Jones Garcia, CJM

Pilipinas Got Talent, Philippine Idol and The Voice Philippines. Americas Got Talent, American Idol and The Voice, Britains Got Talent, Britain’s Idol andThe Voice-UK. Our world is not lacking of talent shows where contestants of various skills and abilities or in the case of the Idol and The Voicefranchises, singing abilities, try their luck with the hope of getting noticed and getting big breaks, We are familiar of how some of these contestants keep returning after initially being rejected on their auditions or failing to advance further in the competition until such time they win or advance in the final stages of the competition. Investing on their talents coupled with determination and hardwork these people reached new heights and have reaped success in their specific endeavors.

Today’s gospel on the Parable of the Talents reminds us that God has invested heavily on us.  All of us were lavishly blessed and gifted with talents and abilities in varying degrees and measures.  (The talent described in the parable was an ancient measuring unit of weight for silver and gold.) That shows the generosity of God and the reality that we were not created equal in that respect. So there is no point in comparisons which could eventually lead to envy and pride. Among which we were given too, is time.

In the context of these, the Lord will hold us accountable for what he has entrusted us with and the Lord expects that he will have a return on his investments with us.

The mistake of the unfaithful servant is that out of fear, he hid what had been entrusted to him, even though he had the ability to use it well.  While he did not waste the money, he wasted the opportunity to use it well. In consequence, he was judged lazy and wicked.

We are familiar on how fear can be paralyzing and that how it can lead to missed opportunities and limit the use of our resources and therefore, limit our growth and that of others. Because of fear, be that of rejection, judgment, comparison, we fail to take risk and use our God-given gifts. We need to be emboldened to use these gifts, and perhaps, to use it creatively so that the more we use it, the more it develops. We can also encourage others to use their gifts.

Also, we need to look into the manner we use these gifts. Are we using it in truth and love? Are we using it for our selfish concerns or to compete with one another? Our gifts are for the building of one another, the church and of God’s kingdom. Whenever we use these gifts in such manner, we become vessels of God’s blessings.

We all have to answer to the Lord how on we lived our lives and in the context of today’s gospel, on how we put into use these gifts--- talents, time and treasure he has entrusted us with. What we hear from our Lord and Master on the day of reckoning is up to us.

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