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Our Fulfillment is Found in Christ

Lk 2:22-40

By Fr. Serg Kabamalan, CJM

The fulfillment of God’s Word is our fulfillment.  Long years has Simeon spent awaiting that day of God’s promise coming to reality.  He was longing for God’s will to finally unfold.  What a great joy and satisfaction it must have been for him to witness the promised fulfilled in the presence of the baby Jesus.  This inspired him to pray:  “Lord now you let your servant go in peace, your word has been fulfilled!”  

What great joy and satisfaction it must have been for God as well to see the beginning of partnership of the divine and the human slowly expanding:  from the Heart of God into the humanity of Jesus, through the heart of Mary.  Then, the procession of the elect, such as Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, the Shepherds and the Magi, all of whom responded and participated in unraveling God’s action.  Now, Simeon and Anna took their place in the march of great witnesses through the generations!  Shared joy, shared satisfaction at the dawn of salvation in gradually growing communion with God, holy and Triune, at the center!

It must have filled Simeon’s heart to the full to finally come to realization that he is now ready to go in peace for the yearned for salvation has come!  It was time for him to let go and let God!  He found meaning in the waiting, and it was a great day to come to know that the waiting was not in vain.  He celebrated God’s movement for all the nations and for Israel.  It was with graciousness that he lets go of his life seeing the glory of God manifested in the child Jesus.

1. What is your deepest desire in life?  Does God have a central place there so that its fulfillment can echo your gladness to eternity?

2. Is your desire aligned with the desire with God?  What will you give up to attain the same joy, gladness and peace as experienced by Simeon?

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