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The Paradox of Two Sundays

An Ester Sunday Reflection

by Fr. Robert Leus, CJM

Last Sunday, we commemorate Psalm Sunday where we shouted Hosanna while we are waving our palms trying to tell Jesus, “Lord, please save us!”

We were begging; asking, full of emotions; and hoping that he will be the One who would save us from the many things that are happening that time: persecutions, slavery, tortures and many inhumane things that people wanted to be freed from.

Today is the other Sunday. We are shouting a different cry, a cry of joy, “Alleluia, the Lord is risen!” In this cry, we would like to tell to the whole world, “We are already saved! Salvation is at hand! The Lord is alive!”

From hoping to claiming!

From darkness to light!

From death to newness of life!

Indeed, Easter Sunday is a celebration of newness of life; from death to life. The perfect image of this unending festivity is the “empty tomb!”

‘The stone was removed from the tomb; the burial clothes were there and the cloth that had covered his head was rolled up in a separate place!’

Jesus is alive! His preaching is true! He conquered death and new life will be his reward! The promise of salvation is at hand!

Those who shouted “Crucify him!” will be silenced and tongue-tied because the prophecy is true that he will be raised on the third day –and this is the day!

Let us shout with glory; with conviction; and with victory because our Lord Jesus Christ has died and raised again – Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Empty tomb has a lot to offer especially in our faith in the Risen Christ!

Firstly, what the prophets and Jesus claimed and taught were true and perfect. Jesus won in victory! His own resurrection was the end of everything! He put an end to the many speculations and questions ad cleared to his many followers what he had preached!

Secondly, He defeated death and fulfilled the gifts of SALVATION and EVERLASTING LIFE and tantamount to say that we will receive also what he gained. Our resurrection will come on his Second Coming on the last day.

Finally, the resurrection of Christ is the beginning of what we have right now – the gift of faith! Jesus’ words and actions are our treasurers in this world. His life testimonies give us the future of what we are doing right now and hope is at stake!

We finally received what Jesus wants to give to all of us and in this epitome of Church’s celebration we can shout and say, “Alleluia, the Lord is risen!”

Let us pray.

O Our Risen Lord, you fulfilled what you promised. We are offering this Easter Sunday to those who are experiencing many difficulties near and far. Continue to be in our midst and be our sole pilot who leads us to the path you want us to walk in. Give us the grace to live the gift of your resurrection and be our weapon to live life in accordance with your holy will. Amen.

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