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Turning Points

A Reflection on the

Solemnity of the Lord’s Ascension

Today we commemorate the Ascension of our Lord. It is an important solemn feast in the life of the Church because it is a very crucial point in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. If the Resurrection is the turning point from death to new life, the Ascension is the turning point from the human Jesus to the Divine Christ.

We ordinary people have turning points, too. Our parents wakes up one day to realize that the baby boy or girl is now a grown-up who is ready to face the adult world. Our friendships become lasting and more authentic after apologies and the shedding of unrealistic expectations. Turning points consist of the preliminary phase of letting go that ushers the the phase of living in a better acceptance of realities, a greater freedom, and the gaining wisdom.

The Ascension is important as a turning point so that the disciples can let go of their notion of Jesus as human, limited in time and space. The Divine turning point of our Lord in his ascension made possible a new relationship with the apostles, a relationship that is not limited by the senses. This new way of relating to our Lord also enabled the Church, from the time of the apostles up to this day, to blossom in an authentic relationship with the Father in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Come to think of it, the Ascension of our Lord is his assistance to his apostles to let go of their idea that Jesus is a friend in a very human understanding, so that they can be prepared to accepting the Holy Spirit in Pentecost, and thus enabling them to start the pioneering missions that ignited the establishment of the Church.

Let us always ask the Lord to give us a greater appreciation of turning point events in his life so that we can make possible our turning points to becoming more real, freer, and wiser.

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